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It’s a great honor to be part of ‘ Long Minute’, the artist call curated by Bronwyn Lace for the Centre for the Less Good Idea founded by William Kentridge. The video “Hope” has been published on the 21st of May 2020 with the following text:

Today’s ‘Long Minute’ is by Marta Moriarty, a curator and artist based in Madrid.
In Marta’s words: ‘It is home-made, just me, late at night, on the back stairway to our flat in Madrid. My cell phone camera perched on a kitchen stool on the tiny stair landing, I switch on the countdown for 10 seconds and begin, I’m running up and down the stairs like a crazy person, again and again. I love doing it, the repetition, the text soaking into me, the effort of my untrained body, the bare loneliness in the bare stairway, the cold light, the silence of the city, as it has been for the past two months, my husband sleeping upstairs and safe.
This is my text which I recite in Spanish :
Juego en el alero de la tristeza
Donde mirar hacia el fondo es tan doloroso que me hace reír.
Rutinas contra el olvido
Lejía contra el miedo,
Amor frente a tu letal vacío.
Y la esperanza de que aún en la derrota no saldré vencida
Porque la alegría seguirá conmigo.
And my english translation:
I play on the ledge of sadness
Where looking at the bottom is so painful that it makes me laugh
Routines against oblivion
Bleach against fear
Love facing your lethal void.
And the hope that even in defeat I will not be defeated
for joy will stand by me.
Created by | Marta Moriarty
The Long Minute is curated by | Bronwyn Lace