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Jueves 03 Diciembre 2020

Yes we are

Long distance duo


Jueves 03 Diciembre 2020

We were not here, nor there, lonely shadows looking for the future. .14 July.18h.40' and Lemonade guerrilla. Justicia limonera are some of our Long distance performances, 2020

Somos reales, somos postnaturales.

Lunes 30 Noviembre 2020

Visit us at Latitudes Art Fair


We live we choose.

Truth in Art. Handicraft. Commitment.

Jueves 26 Noviembre 2020

Moriarty&Balbás is a performance art duo formed by Marta Moriarty and Pedro Balbás during the Covid-19 outbreak in Madrid in the spring of 2020.

Viernes 22 Mayo 2020

It’s a great honor to be part of ‘ Long Minute’, the artist call curated by Bronwyn Lace for the Centre for the Less Good Idea founded by William Kentridge.

Jueves 26 Marzo 2020

Stubborn life

Miércoles 25 Marzo 2020

Un temblor interior
que algo augura,
paz tal vez, no sé, quizás
presentimiento sea aciago.
Duda, luz y temblor cada mañana.

Lunes 29 Abril 2019

Liebmann in his atelier at the Cradle of Mankind, Johannesburg

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Lunes 29 Abril 2019

Benji Liebmann's publication (TSU libros) on the occasion of his exhibition at our Art Window starting on May 23th.

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Lunes 11 Febrero 2019

Yamou, "Deep inside". Hangar, Marrakech. From February 21st. 2019